Focus Question 2: Students & Learning Environment: Focus on places, spaces, and boundaries

In the classroom, the learning environment looked different as we got older, it changed from being childish to being mature. In elementary school, teachers that teach kindergarten, and grades one to four tend to arrange the desks in rows and do the seating plans for the students. Then, teachers that teach, grades five to eight allow the students to arrange how they want to sit like, but they still have control to move students around. In high school, teachers have a seating plan for the students, and some allow the students where to sit. Teachers, that have seating plans in high school want to make it easier on them to mark them present and easier to hand back work. Other teachers allow students to sit where they want, to help build relationships with the students, or they have problems seeing the board. Teachers in elementary and high school have the power, to move the students, and help them build strong lasting relationships with the students.