Final Curricular Project: Recreating Real-Life Rooms/ Buildings in Minecraft

By Nicholas Ciarciaglini The file of Introduction, Rationale, & Media Description: ↑back to the top Introduction: This project will be done in Minecraft, students will pick a place to explore to recreate the place in Minecraft. The students will first explore and research about their place, then after they explore and research the place. They … Read more

EDTC 300

This is everything I did in this class:

Technology Resources

Minecraft EE This link is used for Minecraft, to allow educators to use it in their practices.

Inclusive Education

Websites Guide to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms This is the Canadian Charter of rights and freedom website. Inclusion Canada This is the official website for Inclusion Canada. Neil Squire Society This is the official website for Neil Squire a Local business that helps the disabled population in Regina to get jobs, assistive … Read more

Indigenous Education

Websites National Centre for Collaboration in Indigenous Education This is the NCCIE Official Website for Indigenous education. Every Child Matters Videos for a documentary. National Centre for Truth & Reconciliation The office Website for NCTR for educators to implement Truth and Reconciliation into their courses. Indigenous Principles of Learning This is a YouTube video for … Read more

Gender & Sexuality Identities

Websites Understanding LGBQ2 Youth Education This is a magazine article for teachers to understand youth that is LGBQ. Gender Friendly Classroom This is for teachers to make their classroom gender-friendly. UR Pride The UR Pride Centre for Sexuality and Gender Diversity is a non-profit service provider housed at the University of Regina. UR Pride provides … Read more